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About Varied / Student Premium Member AngelaFemale/Canada Groups :icongoatninja-clan: GoatNinja-Clan
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Newest Deviations

Custom-painted jeans with dragons? 

4 deviants said Yes, do it
No deviants said No, I don't like custom painted stuff, only brand-designs

Commissions Rules and Fees

Paypal only.
Upfront deposit fee of 50% the price before I begin working on it, no exceptions.

For a complete list of my prices and what I offer, click the link below to the detailed journal:
(creating at the moment, will be here soon)

-I do not accept points or any other form of currency that cannot pay my bills and supplies.

-In all listed commission prices, artist (myself) retains all rights to the image, meaning you have a copy for personal use, but cannot reprint copies for financial gain. To own it and use it for commercial purposes, you must pay a fee that I will determine fit for the use. There will be a contract to sign if you do wish to own the rights, which must be part of the commission agreement in the beginning.

In all cases, never assume you own rights to any artwork done for you by anyone, if you and the artist have not agreed to this, in written contract. Making copies for your own financial benefit without consent is illegal.

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AoiKita's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Grew up in a small town, with an intense interest in animals. I had a box full of toy creatures of all sorts which I played with for hours (especially when I was grounded to my room, haha), watched a lot of documentaries and read books about animals (either real or fictional).

I actively seek ways to be more environmentally-friendly as a habit. Currently I am looking out for general opportunities I could be fit for, but keeping it manageable while I work on my mental wellness to avoid being overstimulated.

My artistic intentions include expression, exploring new ideas and supporting the environment.

I am going the direction of illustration (including t-shirt designs) and working on putting more work into my new projects. There are a few commercial ideas I have, but won't be sharing them just yet until they are created and ready for sale.

I am interested in acquiring commissions. If you do not have access to a DeviantArt account, contact me at:

Also, you can find me at my new website and blog:! here I will be doing less casual and more serious things.

mediums: Traditional and Digital.

New Journal Quiz #1

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 1:57 PM
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Nothing much
  • Reading: My quiz
  • Watching: um...forgot the anime's name.
  • Playing: YS 6
  • Eating: hand-made perogies
  • Drinking: Tea

The New DeviantArt Quiz You Wished Existed-no more repeated and super weird questions, etc.

The funniest picture you ever saw: 
A goat standing on a horse is one of them!

A pet you wish you could have, but cannot for any number of reasons:
An Elk. I always thought riding it would be so a horse. Obviously I cannot just go get a elk, nor should I do it.

A festival you are looking forward to this year:
EuropeFestival! seriously, I had no idea..

The weirdest thing you ever drew/painted/sculpted:
A lamp giraffe--it is at least one of the weirdest ever.

A country you want to see most (only pick one), and 2 reasons why:
I have many, but....I'll choose Ireland. 1. I really love old castles and peaceful scenery. 2. The arts and culture via music, mythology and their beautiful celtic designs.

What country were you born in? if you moved, which do you prefer?
and why?
I was born and raised in Canada, but of the provinces I've been to, I still love BC most.

Domestic cats or domestic dogs?
Cats, for sure.

When was the last time you read a whole book?
About 1 month ago. I finished 2-3 books on my travels in Taiwan during transit (we went between two towns regularly--from grandmother's to big city).

Do you consider yourself very reserved and secretive, or louder and
in need of people around?
Reserved--naturally, by seeing a need for a new quiz style. I don't like to talk about certain topics to anybody, and I hate activities that manipulate my brain to behave strangely.

What college course did you study first?
Animation. Very unfortunate things happened during this time, so for various reasons, I had to move back home and haven't schooled since after tasting the bitterness of student debt.

Have you ever had a crush on someone of a different ethnicity? 
Your favourite type of cookie?
Oatmeal Chocolate chip!!most of all, chewy ones O_O

Do you like pop culture or real culture? (hint: there is a difference).
I like some of both from other cultures...not really into the culture I live in, though--pop or real.

Your celebrity crush?
Jared Leto. Wow, he is super talented, cute,  very wise and even has become an ambassador for WWF(world wildlife foundation)! My hero XDD lol. Anyway, I don't let it get best of me, haha....I have no posters or anything aside 3 cds---but the photos of him with the elephants were neat >_>''.

The first games you ever played, on your first desktop computer?
Pinball and Minesweeper (scared me-it was basically "walk on eggshell" game).

What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?
Monster Rancher? I had so many...

Anything you still do that is considered for "kids only"?
I like sleep overs with my female friend--I could care less what anybody says----it is safer than going home late at night, anyway...and no rushes to get home by a certain hour before transit slows down. Ah, playing video games til bedtime and watching movies the guys don't care about.

Have you ever been on a real railway train?
Yep :). So have no idea lol. Okay, depends on scenery--I'll be honest, ours is pretty great.

A movie with a great trailer, but it only showed the good parts, and the actual movie was SO bad, you were waiting for it to end?
.....After Earth..>_>.....I had...such great ideas of what it would be....good thing I rented it for $2.50 at Redbox, I'd be madder f I saw it in theaters.

A movie you love, but everyone else seems to hate for some reason:
Prince of Egypt.  I am just so, so sad it is hated simply for being a bible story----it is SUCH a work of animation and art, one of Dream Works' best projects. You are missing out on real  and inspired works of art vs serving up sequels to compete with Disney's monopoly.

A video game you are still wishing to be made:
Savage Skies 2. Also, please finish The Last Guardian...please...with a super amazing limited edition.

A mobile app you wish existed, but doesn't:
Uh...ah yes! shazam for bird sounds--it is still in the making in the UK.

Do you cosplay?
Not really. I used to, I mean..I started, but, it either costs too much since I am not serious about it, not good at sewing and....I don't like the superficial direction it is gone with models and super-sexualized versions---it is not longer a fun hobby, just another high school situation of 'loser/average vs popular/'hot''. I also have seen a lot of girls who have become very snobby.

How often would you say, you officially lost your keys and got them
More than 2 times.

What you pretend to be when you were a kid?
A dog...and a cat, and a dinosaur...don't worry, they expected it...I was the biggest animal nerd.

Do you cook or live off instant food?
I cook from scratch more now, though I dislike doing it all the time..I like to buy things that make it faster like frozen food. I gave up instant-cooking foods.

Gotten food-poisoning?

How do you decorate your room space?
Full of figurines, wall art, books...a fun hobby.

Do you live at home, with a roommate/friend/partner, or alone?
With partner. I have lived alone before, it got awfully silent some days, sure, but I also went outside for walks often since my apartment was in a small downtown space by the river and the shopping mall. I really missed BC though no matter what I distracted myself with, so I moved back and moved between areas with different roommates until now.

Are you allowed to have a pet?
Only fish :(
Been on a boat?
Many, many times. Ferries, fishing...
Your favourite childhood memory?
Um....I cannot think of only one particular thing---perhaps it was playing at my friend's houses.

An object from your childhood you still keep, for simple nostalgic sake?
A toy fox with a improvized cape on it---it represented my main character, and her cape is a nice olive green thick fabric held together with a safety LotR capes.
What reason are you on deviantart for?
To be in an arts-related community, make friends and gain exposure, and experiment.

Entered any non-official/group contests on dA?
Yea. I also did win one :), designing a functional dragon to exist in real life---it shows I'm on the right track with all the thought I put into it.

Rode a horse? scarier yet: rode it bareback?
Yes. I even rode bareback once...not on my own boy cousins thought it was somehow a great idea (thank goodness I got off safely lol--it was a rowdy horse and a typical boy idea to do dangerous things) o_o.

Been to a convention? how many times?
Yes, and....probably 6 times..I won't count since some were brief visits.

Do you recycle? why or why not?
Yes. I believe is the very least of responsibility I ought to do---and we have recycle bins for a reason....heck, you can even make money off recycling...what reason is there to not use them?

What is the name of your favourite small/local restaurant? Name up
to 3.
La Taqueria Pinch Shop, Bella Gelateria, Gyoza Bar

Your least favourite colours (more than one is fine)?
Almost every shade of pink(super light sakura pink is okay..), any sort of fluorescent color---and flat colours.

Do you like to collect things?

Would you....consider yourself a hoarder?
NO....not after seeing the tv show! (plus, I donated bags)

Left-handed or Right-handed?
Lefty and proud of it. My brain is wired different :D.

What outdoor activity did you partake in last?
Walking around the farmer's market.

Are any of your parents or uncles/aunties artists?

Do you play any musical instruments regularly?
No---but I have my electric keyboard under my desk, I just wish I got myself playing again since it makes me forget about my surroundings---so many distractions in modern life.

What do you like to do after work/school for fun(besides art)?
Video games, watch films and animation, fool around online, go window shopping on the way home....

If you were reborn as an animal (be honest! not everybody is a bear
or a tiger!) what kind do you think you would be?
I think I'd be a fox. I love foxes, but, also because they are small, orange-haired, clever, not too fond of loud dogs but make fun of them from afar (like I do vs noisy canuck fans), but also shy and prefers to stick away from crowds. They of course are targets of bigger animals, like me T_T. Also, I believe I do have some survival know-how, good at hiding and being easily forgotten and don't consider myself helpless enough to be a prey animal...but also not a huge aggressive animal, either.

-So, since you admitted you aren't as cool as you wished in the circle of life, what animal do you want to be reborn as?
I love foxes, but I also wish I could be a respected creature nobody would mess with....maybe a black leopard or an eagle.

N-ow....what animal do OTHERS think you resemble? You get no picks here—it is your fate in your current animal life, lol:
....a chipmunk, a house cat, and a mouse. Could be worse, right? I like cats and chipmunks...but when I'm irritated, I still am seen as a chipmunk..sigh.

Do you prefer cute animals, scary ones, or both?
Both--I don't like purse animals though.

Are you scared of tiny insects?

Last, but never least:
Do you like silly quizzes?
Yes, some of them....once in awhile.
Now, I demand...I mean, encourage! 5 people to do this brand new quiz.
1. AliChan104
2. DragonGirl983
3. animeandraia
4. MapleRose
5. melantha-violet

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak


Current/In progress:
-"Time Travel" -to be displayed at Vcon 40

-2xChristmas greeting card designs
-Realistic-style Dragoon (Beyblade)
-T-Shirt Design (design not yet decided)
-Forest Fox remake (postponed)

Recently Completed:
-Wedding gift commission

Feather painting

Long term:
-Greeting cards
-Original story/world + characters artwork (have been contemplating the formats I wish to tell the actual story in, for now I am researching, gathering resources and putting ideas down)
-Conservational art
-Improve illustration skills

Open for Commission: Now.

Trading-card sized Commissions

Forest Beauty by AoiKita

Looking to do 4 more of this style and size of artwork as pictured above, which I used this paper for:
2.5" x 3.5" light weight vellum finished, acid free. It is a nice sturdy illustration board.

My supply is limited, as I only have 4 left (if I go through these, I will consider restocking if others are interested). They will be watercolour with ink, and you will be mailed the physical copy.

I do require payment before I begin working, and do please send me a note regarding both payment and the address you wish for it to be sent to, thanks :).

Commission Price: $20, method of preference as Paypal.

I will offer free shipping within Canada and U.S via standard letter mail. If international, shipping will having to be calculated after I have given an address to reference.


AoiKita has started a donation pool!
344 / 1,000
usage is undecided.
I may try ordering one of my prints to see how they look so I know what I'm offering others, or, I might use it to keep my subscription active,
or, I could use some of it for contest prizes?
Who knows---but I'd like to see how this works

You must be logged in to donate.



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